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Let’s light the way forward for the night students, hopeful transfers, and busy part-time professionals who need to trust the path ahead.

Let’s guarantee graduation for the mother finishing a degree she started a decade ago, or the try-againer aiming for another chance at success.

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An eclectic mix of postsecondary institutions are paving the way for workforce preparedness.

First in family students

Nearly a third of all college students are the first in their family to pursue a postsecondary degree.

(Georgetown University Center on Education, 2012)
While preparedness can be a challenge, these trailblazers will transform the 21st century workforce. Intuitive aptitude assessments, mobile student services offering step-by-step direction, and personalized advising are how open access institutions will act as a network of support for first generation students. 

Students juggling full-time jobs

Two-thirds of community college students are juggling full-time jobs and busy personal lives.

(American Association of Community Colleges, 2016)
We don’t treat these as obstacles; we believe their ability to multitask gives them an edge. Registration alerts, goal reminders, mobile-enabled scheduling, and prescriptive analytics are how open access institutions will retain part-timer’s attention and guide more candidates to completion.


The average employee holds ten different jobs before age 40 and this number is expected to grow.

(Bureau of Labor Statistics,2015)
While some lament the end of the “long-term career”, we believe that well-rounded graduates create a stronger, more dynamic workforce. Personalized education planning, goal related microcontent, and predictive course sequencing will help open access institutions widen the on-ramp for career transition candidates.


By 2020, 65% of jobs will require postsecondary education.

(Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce, 2016) 
For many employment and re-certification candidates, taking the initiative isn’t the challenge, fitting coursework into their career is. Comprehensive career arc guidance, turnkey interactive administrative support, and re-enrollment outreach will be how open access institutions and career driven professionals build long lasting relationships.


Over 40% of transfers come from community colleges.

(Association of American Colleges and Universities, 2015)
While historically, transfers have faced complicated challenges, we believe this wellspring of talent deserves a simpler process. Holistic career forecasting, credit and program projections, and prescriptive institutional analytics will be why transfers and four-year colleges will see open access institutions as centers for preparedness.

Our 5 Areas of Focus.

Comprehensive, holistic thinking is how we keep learners on the path that’s right for them. Full Measure™ is rewriting the story, one student at a time.

Your potential students yearn to be engaged and communicated with as an individual, but effectively personalizing every experience is difficult and costly. We create experiences based on each student’s interests and behavior to save you time and increase your enrollment.


It’s no secret that the student lifecycle is long, complex and confusing. By providing students with instant access to the information they need to make decisions and simple tools for taking action from their smartphone, we make things easier.


Integrated Planning and Advising Services (IPAS) demonstrates accessibility the minute students start exploring. Technology-mediated reform of foundational student services is how we’re helping our institutional partners create measurable breakthroughs in enrollment, persistence and retention.


Opt out of the cafeteria style approach to education and unleash your institution’s potential. Comprehensive redesigns of the student experience and streamlined program mapping is one of the ways our open access partners are expediting the process to completion.


It’s time to move beyond generic data sets and undefined cohorts. Full Measure’s™ industry leading behavioral analytics and efficacy assessments are helping our institutional partners drive action and proactive engagement through intuitive analytics.

Full Measure Education is honored to be an inaugural recipient of the 2016 Guided Pathways to Success Emerging Technology Award, presented by Complete College America.

We’re helping educational institutions aim higher. Join us. 

Headquartered in Washington DC, Full Measure Education is breaking new ground in mobile transformation for higher education. We are a team of innovation officers, award-winning designers, and seasoned postsecondary professionals helping to make simple and personal the foundation of every student’s experience.

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